Reclaiming Menarche 1:1

It is never too late to be initiated into the Feminine. For many of us, menarche meant just getting our first tampons and pads from our mothers, and an awkward ‘congratulations’ from our fathers. If we were lucky enough to even get that. 

As magical human beings, we have the capacity to reverse trauma, to wipe our internal hard drives, and replace outdated beliefs and internal wounds with new meaning. In other words, through our cyclical nature and our capacity to transmute darkness, we can choose what we let go of, and what we rebirth. 

In these private sessions , you can offer yourself the gift of a true menarche celebration. 

Why does this still matter now?

Our first bleed sets the blueprint for our menstrual years afterwards. Even though it seems like we only remember bits and pieces of the past, in our subconscious everything gets stored. These hidden memories can move us, influence us, keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns, whether we are conscious of it or not. The menarche extends far beyond the physical aspect. Our portal of creation opens through our blood; for the first time we are practicing the Feminine magic of giving birth – this time to ourselves, as women. 

As your spaceholder, I practice deep listening and create a transforming session(s) for your unique needs, where we will dive into visualization and inner child work together.