Birthing Feral Wombyn

For a long time I wasn’t allowed to be a woman.

I mean this quite literally; as a 1-year old, I had a condition called ‘pubertas praecox’, meaning my body started developing too early. Looking back, I like to see this as my soul being a little too eager to start fulfilling her mission in this earthly lifetime. (;

I also mean it in a more symbolic way. I felt an emptiness, a distance towards the Feminine. For years this translated in anger and powerlessness towards men and society. I remember becoming aware of my changing body as a gradual growing shame. What begun as a magical journey, soon turned into a nightmare. At first instance, the body-hair, the fluids, moon-time, were just part of a natural process, something I didn’t even think about. But soon, I became aware of the unspoken rules regarding the feminine body-and being. Being a woman became a curse to me, as it is for many. When I was around 16 years old, I started using birth control pills. This changed everything for me. I felt an emotional flatness, my creativity was gone, I felt cold and distant.

I wasn’t conscious of my Feminine Essence until I lost it by silencing my cyclical nature.

An inner, ancient fire awoke inside of my bones. I quit using the pills, and became completely passionate about uncovering my deep Feminine roots.

The emptiness I had felt was a homesickness towards these roots. I was hungry for a connection I couldn’t find in the outside world. Feminine Awakening needs to start from the inside out. As women, remembering our own roots is the first step in restoring the natural balance of feminine-and masculine energy in society. This disconnection from the Feminine, is directly linked to our disconnection from Mother Earth.

Healing the Feminine, taking back our place as Keepers of the Earth, heals the world.


I obtained a bachelor’s degree in ‘Audiovisual Arts: Film’ at KASK School of Arts, Ghent. I trained with Zola Dubnikova in ‘Holistic Dance Language’, worked together with Moving Inside and Dous/Wild Rose Mystery School and am training as a Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. I’m house-photographer for the organization Red Tara Tree, which calls women to take up the ancient practice of giving moonblood back to the trees.