Initiation into Womanhood

At menarche, a girl gets access to her own inner cauldron of feminine magic. She starts her descent into the depths of her feminine core, to a soft power inside that can heal the world.

In the old days, women were regarded and respected as Keepers of the Earth. It was woman who was the first shaman. With her magical ability to create life, she formed a bridge between the earth and the spirit realm. Drifting further and further away from Mother Earth, we forgot our Wildish nature, our feminine force. Still, deep within, our primal roots lay waiting. We are eternally part of the never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth, that rules all living beings, plants and trees on this planet. 

In today’s world, a shadow floats above womanhood. It has been, and still is, seen as a curse. Something to be ashamed of, to hide. But before the catholic church became the dominant religion in many parts of the Western world, female and masculine energy were respected and honored equally in spiritual practices and religious traditions. Artefacts dating back to prehistoric times point to a womb-centered religion, focused around fertility, the cyclical moon, and the mystery of birth and death. 

Becoming aware of our inner processes and working with them, can turn our ‘curse’ into a blessing, lift the veil to an inner cave, a cauldron, an infinite source of creativity and primal force. In many cultures young people get initiated into adulthood. In the West, we have forgotten many of these rituals and practices. Still, this is an essential step in our growth. The journey is not an easy one, and many times during my own, I prayed for guidance. 

On a Celebration Day, or Day of Holy Descent, I will be your guide, the one I needed when I was descending into the dark womb of womanhood. Everything I will tell and teach you, is already woven inside of you, waiting to be remembered. Are you past your menarche and never had the celebration or initiation you needed? Then I invite you to click here to discover my 1:1 ‘menarche rewriting sessions’.


Through guided, intuitive movement and dance, we gently welcome and feel into our changing bodies.


We learn about the forgotten HerStory of our female ancestors and awaken these roots through creative practices.


Connecting in sisterhood makes us feel seen, heard and loved.