come home to your feral roots

Feral Wombyn is an ode to the days we feel more bone than mind, more earth than human. 

Many of us grew up without hearing the stories of old from our grandmothers, but we can hear them whispered to us in dreams and vague fleeting moments; the moon barely noticeable through morning mist, spiderwebs reflecting sunlight through dewy grass, the sound of galloping horses, dried moonblood on fingertips upon waking.. 

The magic of the Sacred Feminine is woven into our being, waiting to be fully activated. 

Asking to be welcomed in her fullness.

Her cyclical nature.

Her wildness. 

Her surrender.

Her soft power.


I’m Michelle, and my calling is to guide you on the journey through your own deep feminine waters. To assist you in remembering and activating the power of your womb through art and inner journeys. 

Many times throughout my own descent, I wished for a Wise Woman to hold my hand, to whisper prayers in my ears as I surrendered to the darkness of the Womb of the Great Mother. 

We have forgotten about initiation rites, neglected our cyclical nature. The wounds of the feminine lineage cast a shadow over our magic, intuition, sensuality and wisdom. 

But our feminine divinity still resides within us, waiting to be remembered from the inside out. Waiting to be healed through the sacred cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  



At menarche, a girl feels into her sacred feminine powers for the first time. We gather to celebrate this initiation.


Unlocking the creative, birthing mother in ourselves. Together we create a safe, sacred space for a photoshoot. The shoot becomes a ritual in itself; of self love, of feeling into your essence and connecting to Mother Earth.


We gather online or in-person to drop into our bodies and connect in sisterhood. Circles about sacred sexuality, the feminine art of surrender, activating healing archetypes, etc.

1:1 sessions

Are you past menarche and never got the initiation you needed? During these sessions I guide you on an inner journey to reclaim your menarche and rewrite your menstrual story.